Our Services

Selecting the right hardwood floor for your home can be a difficult choice. We’d like to make that decision a little easier for you. Contact us for advice on your particular situation or browse some of our most common services below.


Installing hardwood floors is one of the best ways to add value and beauty to your home. But which kind do you choose? That depends on your situation.

Solid Wood

The classic. With an almost endless variety of choices, solid wood allows for a totally custom look for your home. Anything from classic red oak and Brazilian cherry, to environmentally-friendly woods like cork and bamboo.

Prefinished Wood

Want your cake and eat it too? Prefinished wood gives you the look of solid wood, but doesn’t need to be sanded or finished. Plus, it can be refinished at least twice when that time comes down the road.


Dogs and kids? No problem. Laminate floors are made from synthetic materials, usually melamine resin, and are virtually scratch-proof. The durability of laminate floors like Pergo and Witex has earned them increased popularity in busy households.

Refinish and Repairs

One-sixteenth of an inch under that old, scratched wood floor is beautiful hardwood waiting to be exposed. Unlock the beauty of your old hardwood floors by having them refinished.

If you are remodeling your home, we can refinish your floor to match your new décor. Since we use a wide variety of stains, we can adjust the color to suit your taste. Just pick your finish. Natural or honey, oil or water based, California Flooring Company is ready to meet your needs.

Do you have badly scratched or damaged boards? Maybe your fireplace decided to toss a burning ember onto your hardwood. No problem. We can sand or replace damaged boards to match the color of your floor. It’s like they were never damaged at all.